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We have been putting apehangers on motorcycles for over 35 years now. We had never hassled by the MAN about our handlebars for over a quarter centry. Well that all changed in 2002 when we made our annual pilgrimage to Daytona Beach, FL for Bike Week.

While there we got busted for high handlebars by a Volusia county constabulary. He told us his boss, the sheriff, told him to give as many equipment violations as he could.

He expanded his 16" Collapsible 3 Section Solid Steel Police Baton and placed in on the lowest place of the seat. He reiterated that Florida law prohibited handlebars higher than 15" above the seat. He observed that the tip of his baton was significantly lower than the highest point of our handlebars.

He then pointed his baton to our pipes and voiced his opinion that he thought those were also illegal. However, he said, his boss' orders only allowed only one ticket per customer. He instructed us to keep his ticket in your pocket. "If we were stopped again", he said, "just show it and you won't get another ticket". He parted saying he wanted to leave friends.

That pissed me off soooo much I pulled up my tent stakes, rode straight home, and started upthis website, apehangers.org deticated to apehangers.. The ironic thing is that, had I stayed, I would have spent more in sales tax than I ended up paying in fines.

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